Favorite Wallets & Pouches of 2023!

Today I’m sharing part 2 of my favorites of 2023 series! Earlier in the week I talked about all my favorite bags and today were breaking down all my favorite small accessories. Wallets and pouches are consistently one of my most asked about topics so I’m hoping today’s video is helpful.

Favorite Wallets of 2023!

  • Hammitt Levy Wallet/Crossbody – I am loving this piece from Hammitt so much! They typically release new colors with launches…crossing my fingers they aren’t phasing this one out because it’s so good! It’s the perfect wallet that holds just a little extra so you can carry alone if needed.
  • Andar Stevie – This wallet and has been a favorite for years! Andar’s leather is KILLER making this wallet super soft. It’s the perfect on the go wristlet. use code “gatormom15” for 15% off!
  • Rothy’s Wallet Wristlet – this is a newer item from Rothy’s that I’ve really been enjoying! Smaller then their traditional wristlet making it the perfect compact size for an on the go wallet!
  • Andar Denner Wallet – this one is probably my most used wallet. super functional and comes in a tons of colors throughout the year!
  • Andar Poppy Wallet – don’t sleep on this one! I feel like the Denner wallet over shadows how good the poppy wallet is! The poppy is awesome quality and the perfect little card case. use code “gatormom15” for 15% off!
  • Dagne Dover Accordion wallet – If you need to carry a passport and still have a slimmer profile wallet, the Dagne Dover accordion wallet is it! Such a great everyday and travel option.
  • MZ Wallace Passport Wallet – I don’t see this one on the website anymore and it makes me sad! Not sure if they’re phasing out for good or just out of stock but this style is another great one if you need to hold a passport. Honestly, ANY of the mz wallace wallets are GOLD! Really great quality and worth the $

Favorite Pouches of 2023!

  • Lily Jade Packing Cases – I love love love these pouches and have forever!! They come in so many colors, great quality and clear on one side so you can see what’s packed inside.
  • Mina Baie Mia Pouch Set – Another great pouch set! I use these a TON! They come in nylon as well as full grain leather and in a ton of colors! You can also use the included strap and wear any of the pouches as a crossbody!
  • Rothys wristlet – One of the reasons I love the Rothy’s wristlet is because they’re machine washable! The size is perfect to organize anything in your bag or carry around as a clutch. They are always coming out with new fun colors too which is a plus.
  • Oventure Large & Mini Silicone Pouches – These pouches are great for a beach, pool or sports bag! Keeps water, dirt and sand out. They come in a ton of colors and can easily be attached to your bag. Use code “gatormom15” for 15% off!
  • Kenz Kustomz Clear Pouches – I love this website! So many cute pouches that you can customize. The flat clear pouches and the clear clip pouches are two of my favorite but I plan buy more styles this year to use. use code “gatormom10” for 10% off!
  • Parker Clay Olivia Organizer pouch – this pouch is awesome! I love how smooth the leather is. You can use this one pouch in place of 2 or 3 smaller pouches. I’ve even used this one as a bag insert/organizer for smaller bags! It can add just enough structure to a bag.
  • MZ Wallace Pouches – any pouches from MZ Wallace are good! In fact they’re so good, that they almost always sell out when released. My favorites are the metro pouches, metro clutch and link pouches.

I think that does it for today’s post! I hope it was helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to help!

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Have the BEST day!

Ashley 🙂

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