Favorite Bags of 2023!

2024 is here and my most anticipated video/blog post to make at the start of a new year is my FAVORITE BAGS from the previous year! I LOVE looking back over the past year and sharing the bags I’ve loved the most. It’s interesting to me the bags that continue to make the cut year after year! Later in the week, I plan to share a similar video but highlight favorite wallets and pouches so keep an eye out for that one!

I have organized today’s post/YouTube video into 4 main categories with 5 bags selected in each…

  • Favorite Crossbody Bags
  • Favorite Sling Bags
  • Favorite Backpacks
  • Favorite Tote Bags

Below are any detailed unboxing, try-on, comparison or packing videos on specific bags that you may find helpful should you want more information on a bag I’ve shared today! Almost all of the bags mentioned have additional content and if not, it’s likely coming soon! As always, feel free to shoot me message or email me at [email protected] should you have any questions! Always happy to help!

Favorite Crossbody Bags of 2023

  • MZ Wallace Small Sutton Deluxe – This has been a favorite for years! I’ve owned a handful of different colors and always look forward to seeing this style released with most launches.
  • Saint Laurent YSL Mini Lou in quilted leather – I received this bag as a Christmas gift from my husband and LOVE it! It wasn’t even on my radar but the perfect little crossbody. Full review coming soon!
  • Andar Penny – This is another one I got late in 2023 but absolutely LOVE! It sold out pretty immediately when released but it’s coming back in 2024! A pre-order is up right now for a Feb restock. Can’t wait to see what other colors it launches in. Full review coming soon! Use code “gatormom15” for 15% off when shopping Andar.
  • Mina Baie Khloe Crossbody – Absolutely love this crossbody from Mina Baie! I have it in the tan leather but it comes in a few different beautiful colors. Full review coming soon!

Favorite Sling Bags of 2023

  • MZ Wallace Crosby Crossbody Sling Bag – I don’t think this sling comes as a surprise to anyone! It is my all time, forever and ever amen, favorite sling bag! I currently own it in 3 colors and another 2 colors in the small Crosby sling bag. I love both these styles equally but if I had to pick one to recommend, always the larger of the two. It’s the perfect everyday size!
  • Lululemon 2L Belt Bag – The 2L belt bag size from Lululemon is perfection! I prefer it over the two smaller sizes offered. I don’t think it’s to large at all! Comes in a million different colors and a great everyday piece!
  • Andar Indie leather belt bag – This is basically a classy leather version of the 1L Lululemon belt bag. In mu opinion, a much better version :). This one can easily be dressed up or dressed down! Use code “gatormom15” for 15% off!
  • Clare V. Grande Fanny – This is such a great everyday sling bag! I love the material and over all look of this bag. Holds just the right amount!
  • Latico Leathers Callie Sling/Crossbody Bag – This is such a comfortable sling bag! It’s on the larger size and holds a ton! I love the features of this sling. The leather is great quality and really soft. Full detailed review and packing video coming soon on this one!

Favorite Tote Bags of 2023

  • MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe – I cannot recommend this tote enough! I love and use all the sizes but the medium probably gets the most action. They are always being released in fun colors seasonally.
  • MZ Wallace Large Box Tote – I love love love this bag for travel! It’s a great carry-on or weekend bag. I also think it’s a good size for a diaper bag, teachers, commuter bag and more! It’s large in size but doesn’t look massive to carry (if that makes sense 🙂 )
  • Hammitt Large Daniel Bag – This bag has become a FAST favorite since getting it a few weeks back. It’s such a beautiful tote! Comes in a ton of different leather options and super high quality. I can’t wait to share more on this one soon!

Favorite Backpacks of 2023

  • Mina Baie Kinney Backpack – This is another favorite I’ve had for awhile now and can’t believe I haven’t made any content around it! Can’t wait to share more on this one soon!
  • Dagne Dover Medium Dakota Backpack – I have sold this backpack in the past and then re-purchased it almost immediately because I missed it! It’s such a great backpack!!
  • Andar Brooklyn Backpack – I love the look of this backpack. The leather is so soft and it’s a perfect everyday size. Can’t wait to share more on this one soon! use code “gatormom15” for 15% off!
  • Andar Addison Backpack – I’ve had this backpack in a few colors over the years and LOVE it! use code “gatormom15” for 15% off!

I think that does it for today’s post! I hope it was helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to help!

Looking for an item I’ve shared in one of my bags?? Try HERE

Have the BEST day!

Ashley 🙂

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