Five Friday Favorites! – HUGE Mina Baie Comparison

Welcome back to another Five Friday Favs! Today I’m chatting allllll about Mina Baie! Mina Baie has been KILLING it lately with releases which I think is the reason for the increased Mina Baie questions in my messages. I thought dedicating a Friday video to the brand was a great way to get some of the common questions answered and show how a handful of their bags compare when packing! I’ll be featuring the Midi Emmy, Full Size Emmy, Midi Harper, Midi Stevie, Full size Kinney and the fanny. Head over to today’s YouTube video to see all the questions answered and how these bags compare.

You can shop all things Mina Baie HERE

Here’s what I have packed inside:

Mina Baie Packing Videos:

I think that does it for today’s FIVE FRIDAY FAVS! Looking for a link to a product mentioned today or in one of my IG/TikTok posts? Try HERE: Some links featured on this post and linked throughout my website may contain affiliate links. Thanks so much for shopping through them. I appreciate you always thinking of me! 🙂

Have the BEST day!

Ashley 🙂

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